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Trek - Hike

Let's have a look at all the hikes that you could embark on, with a special focus on the breathtaking trails in Hunza Valley

Patundas Trek

  • Days : 3-4 days

  • Difficulty : Steneous 

  • Km : 29km

  • Max Elevation : 4'300 m

  • Guide : Mandatory

  • Check the itinerary : here

Snow Lake leading by Karakoram Nomads.jpg


Patundas meadow is at the altitude of 4’400m the plain field of Patundas has to offer one of the best 360 views of the Karakoram mountains. The trek starts from the flanks of the Passu glacier after the crossing of the slippery Passu glacier you are in a steep green forest on the other side 3 hours of ascent and you are in the Patundas meadow shepherds hut.


From the top, you have a view of 16 to 20 - 7000 meters peaks, including Share, Ulter 1&2, Diran Rakaposhi, and almost every peak in the Hispar Muztagh range.


The only downside to this trek is the lack of availability of water and wood.



Join the adventure with us !

Patundas Sunset trekking by Hostel Nomads in Hunza


Itinerary Snow Lake

Day 1 : Drive to Borith Lake and start trek to Luzdur (3'250m)  3-4h of walking


Day 2 : Luzdur to Patundas stop back to Luzdur

Day 3 : Luzdur to Hunza.

Karakoram Trek by Hostel Nomads Patundas Trek
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