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Trek - Hike

Let's have a look at all the hikes that you could embark on, with a special focus on the breathtaking trails in Hunza Valley

Ulter Basecamp-Honn Pass Circuit

  • Days : 3-4 days

  • Difficulty : Steneous 

  • Km : 29km

  • Max Elevation : 4'300 m

  • Guide : mandatory

  • Check the itinerary : here

Hon Pass in Hunza by Nomads Karakoram


A steep hike from Karimabad the trek is a grind but like every other trek worth it the pass is at an altitude of 4200M with a view of all of central Hunza.


On the way back you can descend towards the Ulter basecamp and move towards Karimabad.



Join the adventure with us !

SNOW LAKE by Hostel Nomads  - Trek


Itinerary Snow Lake

Day 1 : Drive to Karimabad & start trekking to Ulter Meadow or BC.

Day 2 : Ulter to Honn Pass to Karimabad.

package Trekking Hunza rental by Hostel Nomads
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