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Trek - Hike

Let's have a look at all the hikes that you could embark on, with a special focus on the breathtaking trails in Hunza Valley


  • Days : 12-14 days

  • Difficulty : Steneous

  • Km : 160km

  • Max Elevation :5'150 m

  • Guide : mandatory

  • Check the itinerary : here

Snow Lake leading by Karakoram Nomads.jpg


Embark on the breathtaking Biafo Hispar, commonly known as the Snow Lake trek, and you'll find yourself echoing the sentiments of the first foreign explorer, Martin Conway. He painted Snow Lake as "beyond all comparison the finest view of mountains it has ever been my lot to behold, nor do I believe the world can hold a finer view." Once you step foot on the Snow Lake trek, Conway's words come to life!

Crossing the Hispar La feels like a journey not just to a different place, but an entirely different planet.


Every rock on the Hispar and Biafo glaciers appears more photogenic than the last. Picture a vast expanse, The Longest Glacial traverse 120km on Planet Earth outside polar region so colossal that you could fit over 500 football fields within its borders – truly the land of the giants! This region boasts passes connecting valleys of Shimshal, Nagar, Arandu, Haramosh, and Shigar, all converging at the mystical Snow Lake. The 120km long ice highway serves as the ancient link between two mountain kingdoms: Nagar in the west and Baltistan in the east.


Surrounded by lesser-known 7000 and 6000-meter peaks, these mountains resemble a masterpiece of abstract art. Notable peaks include the awe-inspiring Latok peaks (7,145m), the formidable Biantha Brakk, also known as the Ogre (7,285m), Sosbun Brakk (6900m), and the Solu towers. Embarking on the 14-day trek across the 120km long Biafo-Hispar glacier is a feat achieved by only a handful of adventurers. Its remoteness and the time required for the crossing make it a unique and truly adventurous experience, one that is savored by the fortunate few.



Join the adventure with us !

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Itinerary Snow Lake

DAY 1 : Flight from Gilgit to Skardu

DAY 2 : Drive from Skardu to Askole

DAY 3 : Trek to Askole to Namla

DAY 4 : Namla to Mango

DAY 5 : Mango - Biantha

DAY 6 : Rest Day / Acclimatization

DAY 7 : Biantha - Marfogoro

DAY 8 : Snow Lake (4'880 M)

DAY 9 : Marfogoro - Karfogoro

DAY 10 : Snow Lake-Hisper-la to Kani Basa

DAY 11 : Kani Basa to Yutmaru

DAY 12 : Yutmaru to Bitanmal

DAY 13 : Bitanmal to Filaling e Chhish

DAY 14 : Filaling e Chhish to Hisper Village

DAY 15 : Drive from Hisper to Aliabad

Sunset and experienced guides by Hostel Nomads
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