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Trek - Hike

Let's have a look at all the hikes that you could embark on, with a special focus on the breathtaking trails in Hunza Valley

Yashpert - Batura

  • Days : 3-4 days

  • Difficulty : Steneous 

  • Km : 29km

  • Max Elevation : 4'300 m

  • Guide : Mandatory

  • Check the itinerary : here

Hostel Nomads - Batura Trek - Hunza Valley .jpg


Batura Glacier, 57 km long, is one of the largest and longest glaciers outside of the Polar Regions. It lies in the upper Hunza (Gojal) region of Hunza District, Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. It is just north of the massifs of Batura, at 7,795 metres (25,574 ft), and Passu, at 7,500 metres (24,600 ft). The glacier flows west to east. 


The lower portions can be described as a grey sea of rocks and gravelly moraine, bordered by a few summer villages and pastures with herds of sheep, goats, cows and yaks and where roses and junipers  are common. Trekking along one of the longest glaciers you experience not just Batura peaks but you are surrounded by a plethora of other 7 and 6 thousander peaks including the Passu peak (7’450m), Sani pakkush 6’952, Kampire dior (7’161m) and many more. 


The trek starts from the end of the Passu valley where the Batura glacier moraine starts. It takes around 2 days to reach the Yashpirth summer settlement where around 20 to 25 huts are built by local people of Passu. It's not just the pasture but also a summer settlement for the people of Passu.

Join the adventure with us !

Batura Trek by Nomads Hostel - Trek in Hunza and Gojal


Itinerary Snow Lake

Day 1 : Drive to Passu trek to Summer house

Day 2 : Summer house to Yashpert  

Day 3 : Rest day

Day 4 : Trek Back and drive to Hunza

View from yasperth trekking by Hostel Nomads in Hunza
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